In Novosibirsk in 2020 will repair 43 kilometers of roads

One of the largest facilities – Berd highway. In the area from village to RMZ and matveevki work is already underway. The last capital repair of the road was carried out in 2012. The specialists of the city hall noted the peculiarity of this – there are no pits or potholes, but there is a high rut. Road builders will have to remove it and restore the roadbed modern technology.

– weather permitting, the major work on the laying of asphalt will be conducted at night so as not to create obstacles for motorists, said the mayor Anatoly Elbow during inspection of the object.

the First Deputy General Director of the company “Dorsib plus” Dmitry Kharlanov said that the section length is 4.6 km. The cost of the project – about 180 million rubles. Deadline – 1 September 2020. In less than a week the road was offreserve the fourth part of the roadway. According to Harlanova, thanks to good weather work has started before, therefore, the object delivery possible ahead of time.

In mid – may will start to stack asphalt. For the first time this year use superstallion. For Novosibirsk this, on the one hand, innovation on the other – modified old technology laying websemantico asphalt concrete, – reported Dmitry Kharlanov.

the Mayor Anatoly Elbow drew particular attention to the work at all sites was carried out continuously. Usually after any type of work, the road workers take a break, relocating equipment to another entity and thus work expand over the entire summer period, creating obstacles for motorists.

– the Task – don’t interrupt the repair process. If started to work, for example, offreserve, it is not necessary to leave the area for a long time, to him the rain washed away. It should be faster to lay the asphalt, moving sequentially – addressed to the contractors Anatoly Elbow.

Berdskoye highway is divided into three sections, each responsible for a particular contractor. One of the most difficult parts experts call the intersection of the Berdsk highway Avenue Builders. There is planned reconstruction and widening of the roadway and shift traffic patterns.