the Mayor during field day in the Central district, visited the construction site of the facility, located on Bohdana Khmelnytskoho street 23. Here he held a meeting with experts.

As stressed by Anatoly Lokot in Novosibirsk work is also underway on the creation of the ice arena (multipurpose sports complex), reconstruction of the ice Palace of sports “Siberia” and the former building of the cinema “Kosmos”, which will create all conditions for training of young athletes – pupils of the municipal institution “the Novosibirsk centre of the higher sports skill” and School of hockey, which is also located in the Central district.

– All links in the task of training of the Novosibirsk Youth world hockey championship in 2023, – said Anatoly Elbow. Here, the center “Space”, will train boys, future stars hockey, and of course to improve the skills of professional hockey.

the reconstruction of the building following the inhabitants of Kalininsky for which the former cinema building – sign. Citizens insisted on how to maintain the traditional appearance of the facade. The mayor noted that this is an essential condition of the concession agreement. Even the historical name – “Space” – will remain unchanged. In addition, there is landscaping adjacent to the sports centre.

the Functional role of the building under the concession agreement in 2018 between the municipality and SAM thirty years, will change – the movie will replace the sport, but will remain socially oriented. According to Deputy mayor and head of the Department of culture, sports and youth policy of Anna Tereshkova, to train in the “Cosmos” will be able to all – both Amateurs and professionals. Under the terms of the concession agreement of 15 hours per week will be allotted for free activities of the pupils of the municipal institutions of the city.

– we are not Talking about mass sports and physical education, the school is designed for talented children, and there their training will be strengthened, – said Anna Tereshkova.

the Center’s Director of hockey Artem Bloke explained that with the opening of “Cosmos”, many problems in the training of hockey players will be solved. Athletes will be able to practice the technique, hone the skills under the supervision of trainers. This individual training that will improve the level of each player.

in addition, “Cosmos” will be able to enjoy a variety of sports, including swimming, everyone, programmes will be developed for seniors, students, have family passes.

reconstruction of the building “Space” – a large-scale project for our city. On the first floor of the sports centre will house the main area of professional training of hockey players. Here to get used��oeni two mini courts with artificial ice. On the second floor will be areas of functional and physical preparation (fitness center), told the fitness Director CHM “Space” Natalia Lit. – Special mention special simulators, which will be equipped with “Space”. Are there only two Moscow centers. This hockey skating treadmill to improve skating technique, throwing area with artificial ice. Hockey not just a sport for the city’s residents, and we would like to go to the other – comprehensive – training level of our athletes.

the Deputy of Council of deputies of a city of Novosibirsk Pavel Chernyshev said that the LDS “Siberia” for a long time can not cope with the influx of wanting to play hockey. Especially on the big ice is difficult to provide specific training young athletes to do skills.

– the Creation of such a center as “a Space” is certainly important for all residents and especially the Kalinin district. It is important that such buildings are “maintained” social orientation and was available for children. In the future there will be sports and learning center, – said Pavel Chernyshev.

– under the concession agreement, the introduction of the center into operation must be held within three years after the signing of the document. Manual the concessionaire has expressed willingness to move the date of the delivery of the centre a year earlier – that is, in September of 2020. We are ready to assist partners in the implementation plans. Not the first time I come to the object, you see how everything is changing. Under the agreement, the concessionaire invested in the reconstruction of not less than 70 million rubles, but it is clear that the costs are substantial: a radical redevelopment of the building, reinforced construction, roof. Already purchased special equipment for individual lessons, training players, improving their skills, – concluded Anatoly Elbow.

help “RG”

After the reconstruction of the useful area of the building will increase from 1.5 thousand to three thousand square metres by adding a ground floor, which will house locker rooms, a coffee shop and a swimming pool which will be put into operation in the second stage.