As noted by the mayor Anatoly Elbow, an institution on the street Titova, 24 extra was closed in December 2019 due to the sagging ceiling in one of the rooms: old wooden floor rotted. Funds for the renovation of the building built in 1968 to 5.5 million rubles allocated from the city budget.

in Winter, the building was recognized as an emergency, declared emergency and the competition for the development of project-estimate documentation. Work was carried out by an experienced Builder. The walls preserved, and the ceilings are altered. Also made cosmetic repairs of the premises, partially updated equipment. After renovation the building is fully updated. One place in the kindergarten cost 70 thousand rubles, and the construction of a new building it would cost about one million rubles, – said Anatoly Elbow.

Head of the children’s educational institution № 242 Victoria Golikova has informed that the kindergarten Elochka combined type includes two buildings – in the street Titov, 24 and Plakhotnogo street, 15A. At the time of repair works the main load – about 60 children – took the first case, of the pupils were transferred to nearby gardens. Now organized three on-duty groups, each with 12 students.

over the past three months, workers have replaced not only the ceiling, but automatic fire alarm, heating system, made major repairs of all premises. The garden is ready to accept children, – said Golikova.

Mayor Anatoly Lokot said that the city is building new kindergartens and rekonstruiruet, restore old buildings to meet modern requirements. And it’s important work, as, for example, in the Leninsky district are actively developing new districts, so places in preschool institutions is very popular. Their turn in kindergartens expect more than 500 children. At the moment in Novosibirsk handed over seven thousand of vouchers to pre-school. Only in Novosibirsk – 86 thousand preschoolers.

– because of the situation related to pandemic coronavirus, scheduled maintenance in the Novosibirsk schools and kindergartens this year it started early. Thus, the restoration of the facades was started in April, – said Anatoly Elbow.

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According to the chief of Department of education of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk Ramil Ahmetgareeva, number of rescue groups in kindergartens continues to increase. So, if in the early days they were visited by little more than a thousand children, today – almost 11 thousand.