new York, dismantle the bronze monument to Theodore Roosevelt on horseback, accompanied by foot Indian and African. The statue in 1940 stands at the entrance to the American Museum of natural history. That monument will be dismantled, writes The New York Times, citing the leadership of the Museum and the mayor.

According to the President of the Museum Ellen Fatter, the decision of the Museum is not connected with the figure of Roosevelt, who in the Museum is honored as a pioneer of American conservatism, and from “hierarchical composition” of the monument. “It’s time to move,” said the Fatter.

In turn, the mayor of new York bill de Blasio said that the Museum asked to remove the statue because “it clearly depicts a black and indigenous people as inferior and racially inferior. “The city supports the request of the Museum. This is the right decision and the right time,” he said.

the Decision to remove the statue was also supported by the 77-year-old Theodore Roosevelt IV, great-grandson of the 26th U.S. President and a Trustee of the Museum. He noted that “the world does not need statues, relics of another era, which reflect neither human values, which they intend to honour, nor the values of equality and justice.” In the words of the great-grandson of the American President, “composition of equestrian statues does not reflect the heritage of Theodore Roosevelt”. Museum President Ellen Fatter added that the hall of biodiversity was the name of Roosevelt “in recognition of and preservation of its heritage.”

the Solution offered by the Museum and coordinated by the municipality new York, which owns the building and property came after years of objection from activists and amid nationwide protests and debate about racism, including the debate around the symbol of the Confederacy — from Christopher Columbus to Winston Churchill. Last week, a mob set fire to a statue of George Washington in Portland (Oregon) before you drop it on the ground. In Albuquerque (new Mexico) during a protest against the monument to the Conquistador Juan de oñate was a shooting. City Council new York previously called for the removal of Statute of Thomas Jefferson from city hall and have removed it.

You’re gonna hear people wringing their hands saying that the AMNH is cancelled Teddy Roosevelt, but if it were just a statue of him, it’d likely be staying up. (It’s not just a statue of him.)

the President’s Father, Theodore Roosevelt, Sr., was one of the founders of the Museum of natural history, and its Charter was signed in the house of the Roosevelts. The state legislature new York in 1920, chose the Museum as the object to perpetuate the memory of the former President. The Museum already has several rooms named in honor of Roosevelt, including memorial hall Theodore Roosevelt rotunda, and Theodore Roosevelt Park outside. The statue at the entrance createal American sculptor James Earl Fraser. In 2017, the statue was doused with red paint, and made it called the Internet to its liquidation as emblems of “Patriarchy, white dominance and colonialism and settlers”.