Muscovites noticed a shopping tent in which resourceful entrepreneurs decided to sell air on the Patriarchal Ponds. The photo was published by the Telegram channel “News of Moscow”.

The picture shows both the tent itself and one of the sellers, as well as a banner with the inscription: “The air of the Patriks. Collected at the Patriarch’s Ponds”.

This idea made the subscribers of the community laugh, they began to discuss it. “Great combinators”, “They want to count how many idiots”, ” A new branch of business! They are checking how people will react, “”Money for air,” wrote netizens.

Commentators arranged a kind of game: many tried to guess what the Patriarchs smell like. Most of the options turned out to be obscene. Some users also suggested that the tent is not a real retail outlet, but a prop for the filming of the series, which took place at the Patriarch’s a few days ago.

The administration of the channel clarified that the sellers offered to buy 0.5 liters of “Patrick’s Air” for only 100 rubles.

Earlier, Muscovites discussed a photo of magazine dealers taken in 1992. The assortment of printed products presented on the shelves prompted the citizens to erotic memories.