In Moscow seven patients COVID-19 fined for violation of quarantine

As reported by the Union of administrative technical inspections of Moscow, seven patients with coronavirus violating the isolation, fined, and placed in observation centres.

What are the penalties introduced in the suburbs for violation of quarantine

the Fact that they violated the right of medical treatment at home, it was found through technical means, the Ministry noted.

In the OATi reminded that Moscow residents after signing the consent on strict home quarantine is allowed to be treated at home, but only in mild coronavirus infection and under medical supervision. All of them were explained the rules of medical treatment at home and what they have to observe strict quarantine until the full recovery of the confirmed negative test for the coronavirus.

“in Spite of this, these citizens even knowing about their diagnosis, broke quarantine and risked the health of others,” – said the head of the Main control Directorate of the capital Yevgeny Danchikov.