the Demand for remote real estate transactions in Moscow plummeted: after removing the constraints associated with the spread of the coronavirus, most home buyers returned to the living to communicate with the sellers, according to the materials of the Agency Skolkovo Realty, arrived in edition “”.

according to analysts, the demand for remote purchase of real estate in the first six months of 2020 was 53 percent higher than in the same period of 2019. The peak demand of remote sales fell in April. This month the number of appeals in comparison with March increased by 46%, estimated by experts.

the Gradual removal of restrictions related to the pandemic COVID-19, led to the decline in the number of applications to conduct remote operations with real estate. In may the number of such cases decreased by 39 percent in June plummeted by 69 percent (compared with a peak in April).

“In our opinion, the pandemic has been the catalyst for providing remote services in the real estate market, say the experts. — This is not to say that earlier there were no such transactions. Remote transactions were popular among regional and foreign clients, acquiring properties in Moscow.”

Earlier in July, it became known that over the past five years in the Moscow market of new buildings, the share sold to buyers of apartments has increased more than three times. 2020 could be the first, when the number of lots sold with repair will exceed the number of those in the “concrete”.