the Main part of the picture managed to take before the start of quarantine and the closure of the country’s external and internal borders: Khomeriki managed to complete shooting in Magadan just a couple of days before the introduction of strict restrictions, and the film team flew to Moscow on the last plane. In the capital had to be withdrawn childhood Elena Vyalbe, the hall of the Russian delegation in Trondheim, the scene in the restaurant, etc. On the plans, complete pattern Khomeriki had by April 2020, but because of the pandemic, COVID-19 shooting of the film was suspended for several months and resumed only at the end of June.

the Whole shooting period, a great skier, and now the head of the Association of ski sports of Russia Elena Vyalbe advised the crew, suggesting the important details to preserve biograficheskii and sport the reliability of the tape. Vyalbe also took part in writing the script, and in the process of filming was sitting right behind the Director, watching what is happening on the screen.

– This movie is 95% of my memories, – says Elena Vyalbe. – It’s about how everything really was, so watching the film-making process, I smiled, even cried. But what really struck me is the atmosphere that reigned at the site – very kind, sincere and even some family. During this period, we all came together, became friends, and I was very pleased that despite the difficult situation in the world, we still managed to finish the movie virtually the same squad as we started. It’s a pity that not managed to remove in one fell swoop, and someone from the team had to leave the project, but most importantly, all alive and healthy.

“White snow” tells about the main stages of the life and career of record holder Yelena Vyalbe – from their first steps on skis to a resounding victory at the 1997 world Championships in Trondheim, when Vyalbe won all 5 gold medals in ski racing out of a possible 5 and set a new world record.

the Main character is played by three Actresses: Olga Lerman, who embodies the image of an adult champion, Pauline Barnard, who played Vyalbe in adolescence, and angelina Vyalbe – granddaughter of Elena, who played his grandmother in 8 years. According to the athlete, except that angelina is very similar in appearance to her in childhood, she is as determined and stubborn. However, unlike Helena, before filming, the young actress never got up on skis. Now wants to enroll in the ski section.

The performer starring adult Vyalbe, Olga Lerman, Elena Vyalbe also a lot in common. First of all, the same zodiac sign – Aries. Therefore, the character the actress is quite similar to its prototype. Outwardly, women also have similarities, true, Lerman, blue-gray eyes, while most Vyalbe – green-brown. Actress every time before filming I had to wear the lenses.

– unlike Elena, who was born in Magadan, snow, – says the actress Olga Lerman – I was born in Baku, so before filming he learned to run on skis from scratch that I never wrote up. Accordingly, I studied the longest and, ironically, was the laggard among the other girls-Actresses playing women. It seemed to me that the shooting will start, and I can’t even move. I think we with Lena unites strong-willed character, and after about a month and a half I finally got up on skis and ran even decently.

Mother champion played Anna Ukolova, and in different periods of life – young, middle age and more Mature. It is noteworthy that makeup was used minimally: reflections of the age of the heroine Ukolova achieved by changing plastic, gait, speech, etc.

I’m very happy, says Anna Ukolova – that the idea arose to make a film about Helen V., now lives, because we always somehow make movies about athletes, notable figures, when the person no longer exists. The project has a very good team – Khomeriki, Bookmark, talented producers Marat Kim and Timur Khvan – all very great professionals. And how can you refuse to play the mother of such a person. And not just the mother, and the mother at different ages, which, of course, doubly valuable for any actor. Well, she Vyalbe is 100% my man. When I first saw it, immediately felt a powerful charge of positive energy, which from her went, went, met and immediately agreed to the role.

At the last moment the cast of the film joined by actor Fyodor Dobronravov, who played the grandfather of a little Vyalbe. Initially, this was the winner of the Union state prize in literature and art, Vladimir Gostyukhin, however, due to the closed borders of the Belarusian actor was unable to enter Russia and continue shooting.

– I only recently joined the film – said Fedor Dobronravov, but I still really like it. He accepted this role almost immediately as soon as I read the script because I was interested and what he is, and how and by whom written. In addition, of course, really wanted to work with Nikolai Khomeriki, because I’ve never faced on the set. First impressions – great, he is a professional of the highest level.