In the capital began selling season of watermelons and cantaloupes. In different parts of the city have earned 240 melon collapse. More than 200 of them opened on city grounds. To see where they are located, on the open data portal of the Moscow Government.

most of the outlets in this year in the southern and South-Eastern administrative districts of the capital. Since the beginning of August until October there will work more than 40 melon collapse.

the outlets are decorated in the same style that is used in 2015 and is already familiar to inhabitants of the capital. On sites there are stands showing the mode of operation and the price of the goods as well as certificates for products and a complaints book. All the sellers are dressed in a special form. To work allow them only in the presence of medical books.

a Key supply regions of gourds the stalls of the capital this year — Krasnodar Krai, Astrakhan, Volgograd, Rostov region and Dagestan. Each batch takes study, during which test the levels of various trace elements. The conclusion of the CPS shall be posted at the point of sale. Buyers will know the date and from where you brought the goods.

— it is best to choose fruit is medium size — not very large, but not too small;

— from the ripe berries of the crust should be firm and shiny.

— a ripe watermelon is a flank should be a rich yellow or even orange color;

— when you Pat your hand on a ripe watermelon sound to be voiced.