the Number of confirmed tests for coronavirus in recent days has increased over the past day amounted to 5358. The number of hospitalizations remained at the same level — about 1,700 patients a day. The number of patients allocated to CT centers for diagnosis, also remained at the level of three and a half to four thousand per day.

This trend suggests that to avoid serious consequences for patients, said in the operational headquarters on control and monitoring of the situation with coronavirus in Moscow.

Unprecedented measures to increase the number of tests, the time to isolate them, ensuring the safety of others. The lack of growth in the number of hospitalizations suggests that the majority of Muscovites virus can be detected in the early stages and prevent deterioration.

the Number held in Moscow laboratory COVID-19, to this work over the past months, joined by the city, Federal and private laboratories. All medical institutions conducted more than 40 thousand tests per day.

last week in the capital has begun checking the presence in the body of antibodies to the virus. From April 25 had made more than 175 thousand of these rapid tests. Testing covered the patients of polyclinics and hospitals of Moscow, including coronaviruses hospitals. In cases with a positive result (i.e. potentially infectious) additionally took a swab for PCR-diagnosis. This has made it possible to identify asymptomatic cases and the time to take action. The number of patients without signs of disease is increasing and is now around 50 percent.

in Moscow, confirming positive results for coronavirus. Nine urban and four private laboratories are independently verified research results. Before confirmed tests were sent to a single reference centre, and has slowed the speed of their processing. Today such centres in Moscow on 14, the rate of confirmation of positive results has increased several times, and this justifies the increase of cases.

according to Sergei Sobyanin, Moscow has been almost two fold increase in the detection coronaviral. On this indicator the Russian capital became one of the world leaders. This allows on early stages to stop the spread of infection and provide timely care to patients.

to Learn more about the prevention of coronavirus and methods of combating the disease is possible by phone of hot line: +7 (495) 870-45-09, as well as in special projects