Fantastic picture.

Farmers in Mexico witnessed a sickening sight. In the middle of the field he formed a strong dust whirlwind.

Often dusty vortices appear in the desert and therefore have a yellow or orange color, like sand or clay. But the vortex in the state of Puebla was dark brown. He lifted into the air billions of particles of topsoil.

IMPRESIONANTE TORNADO / Parece de película, pero no es.. Este video fue tomado hoy en #Puebla, donde cuatro vórtices más fueron captados por las cámaras de los habitantes de ese estado. Este es uno de ellos, a detalle.

Dusty vortices are formed near the surface under strong heating of the earth’s surface sunlight. The height of the vortex is usually up to 20 meters, time existence — from several seconds to 1-2 minutes.

Anna Lysenko

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