apartments in the Capital rose over the month in rubles by 0.5% – to 183 340 rubles per square meter. “Expensive, mostly, the edges of the market” – experts say.

the cost of the cheapest housing – apartments in panel five-story building went up by 1%. This is due to the fact that at least some demand now only the budget of the apartment, and their leaching leads to an increase in average prices.

the Observed increase of prices on expensive housing – two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartment has risen 0.7% in the Central district of Moscow is 1.1%. However, transactions in the expensive segment is extremely small, so that the increase in prices in this case only reflects the faith of the owners of the apartments in rapid demand growth after the lifting of quarantine restrictions, and not the real situation on the market, analysts underline.

After the lifting of restrictions on the number of transactions will increase compared to what it was in April-may, however, the normal level of buying activity will return very soon, experts say. The demand for “the secondary” fell not only due to technical difficulties with registration of transactions, but also because of the deteriorating economic situation. Due to financial difficulties of the buyers break even now almost completed the bargain. Part of the demand also preoriented on the primary housing market in connection with the appearance of preferential mortgage at 6.5%.