In Magnitogorsk the students began to get the milk for free

the Magnitogorsk pupils started to give the milk away for free. Changes in the diet of primary school pupils ordered to make the Governor Alexey Teksler. Correspondent GTRK “southern Ural” Dilya Adilisha figured out what is daily dose of healthy drink put schoolboy.

Vladislav Komleva first grader, loves to read about space, nature and animals. And more recently learned about the benefits of milk, and now great pleasure in drinking it at home and at school. “I really like to drink milk. It is useful, it has calcium and lots of vitamins,” – said Vlad Komleva.

Permission to receive milk give the parents of the student. Now get free milk 23 thousand Magnitogorsk primary school students. Chief specialist of the Department of education Elena Drapeko noted that there were parents who at first refused milk, but then changed his mind. And today, their children already receive it.

the Milk issue in the dining room. Each child is entitled to individual 200-gram package, which is before you apply, wash. Head of the Department of school feeding of JSC “Gortorg” Natalia Vlasova assured that the milk they have at the required standard – UHT 3.2% fat, fortified. Meets all the Standards, requirements, which are spelled out in the law.

Provide milk to children until the end of the school year. The money for these purposes – about 30 million roubles allocated from regional and city budgets.

Text: STRC “South Ural”