In London began hearings on the case Assange

In the trial, the defence of Assange will try to challenge he faced extradition to the US where he is accused of hacking into government databases, the violation of the law on exploration – a total of 18 criminal counts. It “accumulates” 175 years in prison. Recall that Assange was deprived of the opportunity to sit in the Embassy of Ecuador, where he held a prisoner for seven years.

Photo: REUTERS/Pascal Lauener UN Expert on torture found violations in the case Assange

Assange appeared in the hall of the Royal court of Wolica in a gray-blue suit, clean-shaven – a sharp contrast with the image of a white-haired long-bearded elders, how the world saw the Aussie ten months ago as he was led by the hand from the walls of the Embassy. He confirmed his name and age. The judge, in turn, warned that it would prevent any disturbances. At this time, under the walls of the court to support Assange came dozens of his supporters, including the masks of the hacker movement Anonymous.

Experts point out that Julian really is little chance to avoid deportation under the agreement of 2003 between the US and its closest ally – Britain. Americans are not the first to resort to the extraterritorial application of national law. Assange lawyers continue to insist that their client was a victim of political persecution.

for the First time, his brainchild WikiLeaks occurred in 2010 when the website published the secret video from the files of the Pentagon, captured the shot from a military helicopter “Apache” on civilians in Baghdad that killed two Reuters employees. Since then, Assange gave the public access to hundreds of thousands of secret diplomatic dispatches to Washington.

If the judge decides that AssAVAW must be issued to the Americans, this verdict will assure the seal of the Minister of internal Affairs of Britain. The defendant will also have the right to appeal to London’s High court, and then possibly to the Supreme court – the highest judicial body of the United Kingdom.

Video: RT