In Lithuania and Belarus were the first cases of coronavirus

Belarus was the first case of infection with coronavirus COVID-19, reported “Interfax” in the Ministry of health of the country.

As they say in the message of Department, on Thursday, February 27, the new infection from China revealed a student from Iran. The virus was found in tests in the Republican scientific practical center of epidemiology and Microbiology. The Ministry also said that the cases arrived in Belarus on February 22 in a plane from Baku.

“the Patient and contact with persons placed in closed boxes in Minsk infectious diseases hospital. The young man feels well”, – added in Department. Belarusian national technical University (BNTU), where he studied the infected student was transferred to individual learning.p class=”maintext”>As the head of the Ministry of health of Belarus Vladimir Karanik, the student lived in the Dorm, and the apartment, now he feels good, his temperature does not rise above 37.4 degrees. Karanik also noted that the Ministry of health sees no need to close the borders, and intends to provide control for all to enter.

the Ministry explained that given the deterioration of the epidemic situation in South Korea, Iran and Italy, the Belarusian Ministry of health decided to conduct surveys and laboratory diagnosis of all citizens arriving from these countries in the period from 20 Feb. Now in the Republic are carried out sanitary-epidemic measures in order to prevent the spread of “Wuhan” virus.

Another case of the disease stated in the Ministry of health of Lithuania: it is reported that the patients were returned to the country from the Italian Verona. “At present the patient is in isolation at the hospital of šiauliai, where there is everything necessary for treatment of such diseases. Currently, she observed mild symptoms,” – said in the message published on the website of the local Ministry of health.

the Total numberabout infected with a coronavirus COVID-19 in the world continues to grow and reached on Friday morning 83,265 thousand people, reported the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post. While China accounts for 78,824 thousand confirmed cases outside mainland China, the number infected increased to 4,441 thousand

Edition has updated previously published data after 256 new cases reported in South Korea, where the total number of infected people has increased to 2.22 million with 13 cases of death. As of Friday morning outside mainland China, the number of patients worldwide increased by 910 people, while in China identified 327 new cases.

the head of the world health organization (who), Tedros of Ghebreyesus yesterday, 27 February, said that the situation with coronavirus in the world has reached “decisive point,” because the number of new infections worldwide already exceeds the number of new case in China, a growing number of countries in which cases of infection.

According to the who, on Friday morning coronavirus recorded in 46 countries. On the morning of February 28 in the world, except mainland China, most patients – 1 thousand 766 – revealed in South Korea, in Japan – 891, of which 705 have on passengers and members of crew of the Diamond Princess, standing on the quarantine in Yokohama.

In Italy there are 650 patients, Iran – 245, Singapore – 96, Hong Kong – 93, US – 60, Kuwait – 43, Thailand – 40, France – 38, Bahrain – 33, Taiwan – 32, Australia – 23, Malaysia – 22, Germany 21, Vietnam – 16, UK – 16, UAE – 13, Canada and Spain – 12, Macau – 10.

Less than 10 cases recorded in Iraq, Switzerland, the Philippines, Croatia, Greece, India, Israel, Austria, Finland, Oman, Pakistan, Russia, Sweden, Afghanistan, Algeria, Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Lebanon, Nepal, Northern Macedonia, Nigeria, Norway, Romania, Sri Lanka.