Last year, Luke Mockridge faced serious allegations from his ex-girlfriend. Ines Anioli publicly accused the 33-year-old, without naming his name, of having sexually and emotionally abused her in the relationship. After a short retreat, he is now back on comedy shows – and jokes about the allegations.

This case caused an uproar all over TV Germany last year: comedian Luke Mockridge is said to have sexually and emotionally abused his ex-girlfriend, Ines Anioli. The 35-year-old made serious allegations against the moderator and accused him, among other things, of having sexually abused her one night during the three-year relationship. Mockridge then withdrew from the public eye, wanting to “collect himself in silence”. Now he’s back, doing comedy shows in front of thousands of people. And polarized there with tasteless jokes about the allegations.

According to the “Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland”, Mockridge is said to have referred to the allegations in his show in Leipzig in a musical interlude based on Disney soundtracks. “I’m the guy with the sex scandal. You bought the tickets and your friends said ‘no’. You tried to cancel me from the comedy world but now I’m back,” he sang in English .

He also started the show with the words: “There is so much that could be addressed in my life, in your life”. “But to be honest: no buck. There is so much opinion in the world. We’re gonna leave all that shit out tonight, deal?”

He also left out on social media. Instagram is a “superficial shit platform,” Mockridge is said to have said angrily. In general, social media is “the devil” and: “Nothing that happens there has anything to do with real life.”

The hashtag trended for months

The accused remained silent about the allegations for a long time until he first commented on it in an emotional Instagram video in August last year. In it he announced an extension of his time off and also stated that the prosecutor’s office had reviewed the case in two instances and had come to the conclusion that there was no suspicion. There were thousands of comments under the post, including many from celebrities.

At the end of his video, the 33-year-old admitted that he had taken professional help to process the situation. “I need to understand how I ended up here,” he says. “I want to collect myself in silence and I want to find myself again.”

That now appears to have happened. His tour started on March 26th in Frankfurt am Main. It is still unclear when the 33-year-old will return to TV.

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