A 20-year-old motorist has been fined €29,919 and 18 points for speeding 33 times on the roads of Wales. The speeding violations have accumulated in just three months, The Sun reports.

Between August and October 2021, the young motorist was caught by speed cameras behind the wheel of a Nissan X-Trail in the Welsh capital. The speeder was flashed eight times more than once a day at excessive speed. In all, 30 of the 33 offenses happened on the same street in Cardiff.

The 20-year-old admitted to speeding and was invited to a hearing to defend against the driver’s license suspension. However, she did not appear.

In her absence, a fine of the equivalent of 770 euros was set for each of the 33 speeding violations. There were also around 4,513 euros in court costs and 299 euros in victim surcharges. She also received 18 points and an 18-month driver’s license suspension.