In Japan revealed the outbreak of coronavirus the crew of the cruise ship

TOKYO, April 22 – RIA Novosti. More than 30 cases of new coronavirus infection observed among members of the crew of the cruise ship Costa Atlantica, experts in the Ministry of health of Japan think there was a cluster infection, said the Agency Kyodo.

the Ship Costa Atlantica entered the port of Nagasaki on March 25 without passengers for the prevention and repair in dock of Koyagi shipyard Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. It had to leave port in late April on completion of all works. However, in mid-April, one of the team members had discovered a new type of coronavirus infection.

According to Kyodo, were analyzed from 57 people, the disease was confirmed in 33, so the total number of cases to 34. All on Board are 623 people.

the Governor of Nagasaki prefectural Speed Nakamura has announced his intention to seek the assistance of the self-defense forces in connection with the outbreak.

the Number of cases COVID-19 in Japan amounted to 12 thousand 255 people, including 712 who was infected on a cruise ship Diamond Princess, which was quarantined off the coast of Japan in February. On Tuesday it was revealed 390 new cases, 123 of them in Tokyo, which leads in the number of infections in the country. Killed 296 people, 236 condition is estimated as heavy. Recovered man 2001.

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