In Italy, police and carabinieri arrested two criminals who escaped from a Roman prison Rebibbia. The escape they made in the night of June third, leaving a note promising to return.

Polite fugitives were cousins. In his note, they said that the escape due to deep personal reasons: the men decided to help people who are in trouble sons. His message cousins was accompanied by a promise to return to prison once their cases are settled, RIA Novosti reported, citing newspaper La Repubblica.

the Fugitives sawed the bars of the cell with a file, and then descended via the connected fire hoses. To detain them failed two weeks later, in 340 kilometers from Rome. According to preliminary information, the brothers arrived in Tuscany in a stolen in the capital of the car. During the arrest they resisted, injuring one of the carabinieri.

the Escape could cost cousins of five years of imprisonment. Before their term expires in 2029. In prison, the brothers fell for the fraud and the number of property crimes, including buying and possession of stolen property.