In iOS unearthed the secrets of Apple

In the beta version of iOS 14 there were indications on future Apple products such as iPhone 9, smart tags AirTag and new on-ear headphones with features AirPods. About it reports the edition 9to5Mac, who turned out to be fragments of the source code of the operating system.

From the leak, it follows that the updated iPad Pro will get three lenses — a basic, wide angle and telephoto, as well as additional 3D camera with the ability to scan the surrounding space. As expected, the ToF-sensor is open to owners of tablets Apple new features in augmented reality application. In particular, it will help to better place the virtual objects on the screen, but also will improve the portrait mode.

iPhone 9 — relatively “cheap” model of the Apple smartphone, which officially present at the end of March — will support the fingerprint scanner Touch ID and Express Transit (using transport Express card payments via Apple Pay). The company probably hopes that to quickly pay the fare using your iPhone and Apple Watch will be of interest to the holders of the outdated iPhones on which this feature is missing.

Judging by the code iOS 14, the company engaged in the development of a new remote control for Apple TV, which might help Apple set-top boxes become a little cheaper. The planned release and the new fitness apps integrated with smart clock Apple Watch music, Apple Music. As a result, users will be able to download and watch videoframerate on the big screen and supervised the virtual trainer.

Little more was known about the “smart” remote controls AirTag, which will find lost things. IOS code 14 indicates that the tracker will get a removable battery, and the latest generation of iPhones will be able to track the location of AirTag in augmented reality. Forgotten somewhere in the apartment keys, wallets and other items also will be easy to find, replicating the label sound.

in Addition, Apple is preparing a large over-ear style Beats, but with the functions of AirPods. For example, the device can automatically stop playback if the user will remove it from the head. The parties will fully symmetric system will decide under what ear to adjust the tone. 9to5Mac discovered the icons also suggest that the headphones are wireless, and will release them in the gray and white.

Text: To.Hi-tech