at the next hangout was the Director of the industrial Park of JSC “AVTOVAZ” Alexey Vostrikov. Today on the list of residents of the industrial Park of JSC “AVTOVAZ” 19 small and medium business of Russia, Germany, Italy and France. Some residents are suppliers of AVTOVAZ or activity connected with the automotive industry, other spetsializiruyutsya in different spheres of business – from furniture to products for the aerospace industry.

– the Project for only three years, and it’s a big enough platform, – says Alexei Vostrikov. – I suppose that this is the largest such area in the Samara region – 100 thousand square meters of production space. This is the first advantage, I think. Secondly, we have competitive price, I even called the crisis the price. Search today’s rates with cost per square meter of 130 rubles per month – very necessary to try. On top of our platform is equipped with all necessary communications and engineering facilities. We have our own team of experts. We promote ourselves not only as an industrial Park, we assist our residents in achieving those purposes or other commercial purposes. Another strength is our strong technical competence. Our group includes highly trained specialists Industrials and energy working on each project our resident. Are what is called in the manual mode: from project development to full launch and then the maintenance of the entire production cycle.

In turn, the Executive Director of the IPA’s Sergei Nikitin said that the investor, this site saves on a construction site, because there is a ready space in excellent condition, on the technical equipment, because there is overhead cranes and other equipment, and saves on the many technical experts on AXO and even protection around the perimeter of the industrial Park. All of these questions on the site of the industrial Park have been resolved.

According to Alexey Vostrikova, applications from potential residents arrive daily and now:

– On the site there is still free space – about 20-25 thousand square meters. Some sites are ready to receive residents tomorrow, some need some repair and will be ready later. But there is a very good news. Our opportunities expand. I suppose potential investors the industrial Park will be more.

Alexei Vostrikov said that some talks are now online. Therefore, the industrial Park has even expanded its capabilities for communication with residents or potential partners from other cities, regions and even countries. Moreover, if a potential investor is not able to come out and spend aboutreview sites, this can be done online created a special account.

Recall, the API in the Samara region is working with investors on the principle of “one window”: the Agency is engaged in the selection of sites, helps to structure the project, assists in negotiations with government agencies and comprehensively accompanies it even after implementation. In order to contact the specialists of the Agency, you must fill out an application on the investment portal of the Samara region.

In the Samara region are gradually removed restrictions. The region is slowly returning to a more familiar mode of operation, and we now also translate in a practical plane, our remote conversations with investors, – said Sergey Nikitin.