The Austrian Green Party politician Elisabeth S. died in a shark attack in Egypt. The 68-year-old went into the sea to swim and was attacked by the shark. She made it to shore. But she didn’t survive.

Cruel shark attack in Hurghada, Egypt: 68-year-old Elisabeth S. from Austria was attacked and killed on Friday. As reported by the “Bild” newspaper, S. went into the sea with the words “I’ll go into the water again for a moment”.

A video shows the terrible incident, reports the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. The shark, which is about two meters long, attacks S., biting off an arm and a leg. There is no one in the water or in its immediate vicinity at this time. But numerous holidaymakers watch the attack and try to drive the animal away.

S. screams for help, tries to get to shore. Bystanders throw her a rope from a footbridge. In fact, the 68-year-old manages to get back to the beach. But she dies a short time later in the hospital, apparently of a heart attack.

The Greens Association in her home country mourns the politician on Facebook: “We mourn the death of our Elisabeth S., who died in a tragic accident.” S. was a “committed Green from the very beginning”. “We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere condolences and sympathy. She will always be fondly remembered for her warm and very human way of connecting.”

The “Daily Mail” reports that S. was in a relationship with an Egyptian. She was about to fly back to Austria.

More on the shark attack on two tourists:

Just a few hours after Elisabeth S., another person died in a shark attack just a few hundred meters away.

Two people were killed in a shark attack in the Egyptian resort of Hurghada last weekend. Tourists who had to watch the drama at the scene of the accident are now raising serious allegations against the Egyptian lifeguards.