In Heidelberg, a bus drove into a residential building. 18 people were injured. The bus had driven into the house without a driver for reasons that were not yet known.

In a serious accident involving a bus in Heidelberg, 18 people were injured, one of them seriously. The bus drove into a residential building for reasons that are not yet known.

The driver of the articulated bus had to leave the vehicle at a bus stop due to a defect in one of the rear entrance doors. Meanwhile, the vehicle started moving for unknown reasons and, after driving a few meters without a driver, first crashed into a wall and then into the facade of a residential building.

Photos show that two cars were also involved in the accident and how paramedics are tending to people sitting on the street. Eight injured people were taken to nearby hospitals after receiving first aid from the emergency doctor and rescue workers. A seriously injured person was flown to a clinic in a rescue helicopter.

Christian Olearius, co-owner of the Warburg Bank, has been charged with serious tax evasion, among other things. He was one of the protagonists in the Hamburg scandal about cum-ex deals. At the time, the mayor of Hamburg probably tried to help him, too, Olaf Scholz.

Airport chaos in Germany: NRW, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein have started the summer holidays – and are finally ringing in the chaos at the airports. Some workers are even going on warning strikes. But not only German airports are sinking into chaos. All important information in the news ticker.

A state of emergency was declared in five regions of Italy. The reason is a persistent and extreme drought due to a rarely experienced lack of water. The drought is particularly extreme in the north of the country and around the Po River.