Relive the Cubans really have something. If still two weeks ago the authorities announced that for the first time since the start of the pandemic have not identified a single case COVID-19, already on 6 August the news was not so rosy. A day on the Island was diagnosed 49 cases of infection with coronavirus, the vast majority of which – in Havana or nearby provinces, whose residents regularly come to the capital. Thus, over the last 16 days in Cuba revealed 271 cases of coronavirus (a tenth of the total number of all detected cases with the arrival of the pandemic in the country). Authorities simply could not respond to such a surge in the incidence.

the fact that the Cubans too early to believe in the final victory over COVID-19 and too willingly began to treat the weakening of quarantine measures, the authorities of Island of Freedom have not stopped talking for the past weeks. However, the calls to observe the usual precautions were perceived by the population, obviously without enthusiasm. After several months of quarantine gregarious Cubans were ready to go at all, to resume usual communication with friends. Besides, as a first step to undermine the quarantine already restaurants and bars are permitted beaches. Given the Cuban flavor, if you open the beaches this means an endless beach party with lots of people, who in the evening are replaced by the hot dances till the morning in the open bars. But you can still go to their friends in another area of the city, to visit family or just to put the chairs with tables from his home into the street and throw a party for the whole district. One of the egregious examples was a religious festival, hosted by the followers of santería, located near the capital town of Bauta, in which the coronavirus has infected more than 90 people. It turns out that the arbitrary interpretation of the announced cuts have led to repeated outbreak of the disease.

Now the head of the provincial Council of defense of Havana Luis Antonio Torres announced that it developed a new list of measures that will be submitted for consideration of the working group on combating the spread of the coronavirus under the chairmanship of the President of Cuba Miguel Diaz-Canela. In Cuban reality, this means that these measures will be immediately taken.

So, there are limits on bus service Havana and nearby provinces. Public transport routes will operate until 11 PM. While bars only until 9 PM. With special reference to Luis Antonio Torres did that in bars indefinitely prohibited dancing. Music in this context will allow to set only the background, because otherwise prohibit Cuban dance is unlikely to succeed. The ban covers alsoe any submission, concerts, social and religious events.

it is Planned to strengthen control over the wearing of protective masks in public places, and to intensify door-to-door canvass by healthcare professionals and increase the number of PCR tests for detection of coronavirus.

of Course, that the aggravation of the epidemiological situation is not conducive to the resumption of international flights to Cuba. At the moment Havana is only the first phase “postpollination” recovery despite the fact that the rest of the province – in the third phase. The opening of the Cuban borders for regular flights, according to the plans of the local authorities, will be possible only after the whole country will go to the third phase. With the new outbreaks of coronavirus in the capital, the prospects for this are still vague and will depend, primarily, on the willingness of the population to continue to comply with quarantine measures.

the Sense of impunity and triumph over the pandemic really feel in the narrow Havana streets. After all, while all of Latin America was literally gasping for breath from the coronavirus, updating the daily record of sick and dying, Cuba felt more than confident. Timely introduced tough measures to counter the spread COVID-19 announced by the government of the Republic, was received with understanding by the population. Cuba was one of the first to prepare for the pandemic and sewing a protective mask, a few days later, almost all the inhabitants of Havana on the streets have already been in most of these masks. Although then it was just a recommendation. Overnight disappeared from the streets of children. After an accident ended the school year, students stayed at home. The streets are literally empty. Because stopped walking, public transport, and ride was simply nowhere: almost all the institutions were closed. The only one where you could see the revival of the infinite Cuban queue. The rest of Havana was deserted and uninhabited.

But since then, as every day revealed the number of cases of the coronavirus have started to decline, the situation began to change on eyes. The roads became more cars on the streets – more people. After opening restaurants and beaches prematurely, as it turns out, came a feeling of freedom and impunity. On her face had children, returned to work by public transport, often filled with passengers more than you. And, of course, parties. Loud music started to sound more and more clearly in different areas of the city. As before the pandemic, has anyone brought powerful speakers, turn on the music and sounds going many. Neighbors called neighbors, those friends and so on. There also appeared dominoes, someone (or rather all) brought rum, n��was cialis dancing. In the end, necessary for a successful fight against the pandemic social distance simply forgotten.

Now to take control of the situation may be more difficult than at the beginning of the pandemic, when the Cubans showed amazing discipline, and government of the Island – effectiveness in confronting COVID-19. If we can do the same thing the second time – will show time.