Smoke in the cockpit triggers an emergency landing: A Lufthansa plane from Billund to Frankfurt still landed safely in Hanover. Investigations into the cause of the incident are ongoing.

Smoke in the cockpit caused a stir in a Lufthansa plane on Sunday afternoon: The pilot aborted the route to Frankfurt and landed at Hanover Airport for safety. That’s what an airport spokeswoman in Hanover said. The 89 passengers and four crew members could have left the plane in the normal way. No one was injured, the spokeswoman said. A fire was also not discovered. It is still unclear why there was smoke in the cockpit of the CRJ900 from the Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier.

The plane was on its way from Billund, Denmark, to Frankfurt/Main. The so-called safety landing was routinely accompanied on the tarmac by the airport fire department in Hanover. Lufthansa technicians have now started investigating the origin of the smoke, said the airport spokeswoman.