In the center of Hamburg, climate activists from the organization “Last Generation” have again glued themselves to the street. They blocked the entrance to the Kennedy Bridge. Some angry motorists didn’t want to put up with that. Instead of waiting for the police to intervene, they took action themselves.

They got out and dragged activists who weren’t taped off the road. As a result, traffic rolled again, albeit further restricted.

Behind the action is the organization “Last Generation”, which wants to enforce a nationwide speed limit with the blockade. According to the activists, two participants glued themselves to the street and ten others unfurled banners. It reads: “Article 20a of the Basic Law” or “What if the government doesn’t have it under control”.

According to the organization, a speed limit has only advantages: “Fewer road deaths, less air pollution, fewer accidents, less traffic noise and less traffic jams,” write the activists in a statement. And: “It costs nothing.”

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Around 12:30 p.m., about an hour after the start of the action, police officers began to remove the glue from the activists’ hands. Some of the road surface was also removed. A major traffic jam formed. “We are on site and are guiding the traffic in one lane past the scene,” said a police spokesman. (dg)

More reports on the climate activists of the “last generation”:

Two climate activists were absent from a court hearing on Monday. The reason: The two traveled to Southeast Asia. Double standards or a private matter – what do the citizens say? And now the “last generation” has commented on the case again.

Activists from the “Last Generation” disrupted a wedding fair in Aalen on Sunday and staged a funeral march with children’s coffins and grave lights. The indignation at the protest is huge – especially parents who actually had to bury their newborn children are shocked.

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