GROZNY, may 2 – RIA Novosti. New infectious case per 100 beds in children’s Republican hospital named Elizabeth Glinka, repurposed for the reception of patients COVID-19, opened on Saturday in Grozny, the opening was attended by the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

the Construction of a new infectious case of 100 seats in the Republican children’s hospital was started in 2019. Because of the epidemic of the coronavirus Kadyrov instructed to rapidly complete the finishing work and prepare it to accept and accommodate the patients.

“In fact, qualitative work, however. Today we have a sufficient number of beds, even the half they are not loaded. We control the situation, the Federal centre also pays attention”, – Kadyrov said to journalists at the opening ceremony.

According to him, the doctors show high level of patriotism in the fight against novel coronavirus infection, working day and night with health risks.

“I am very grateful to them, grateful to the leadership of the state and to the President, who manually controls the country’s regions, including the Chechen Republic”, – Kadyrov added.

According to him, the quality of work performed meets all the requirements, despite the fact that I had to accelerate them because of the pandemic.

“I’m the candidate of economic Sciences, the theme of my work was on how to build high quality, cheap and fast. I came here and completely controlled the progress of work, all done efficiently and time hasn’t affected this process”, – said Kadyrov. According to him, the country has created all conditions for the treatment of patients, provided medical facilities with medicines and equipment, is in need of food and financial assistance.

the new building four departments: admissions, respiratory, intestinal infections and intensive care unit.

Head of the Department of neurology of the hospital of a name of Glinka rose Mukhadinov told reporters that the hospital converted to receive both children and adults, patients with coronavirus infection.

“We are ready to receive patients,” said the doctor, adding that in the intensive care unit already installed ventilators and other equipment.

Kadyrov cited data on patients COVID-19 in Chechnya. According to him, there are more than 520 cases, including 285 recovered, eight people died.

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