the Owners of castles in France from the outbreak of coronavirus had to lay off staff, and even arrange the sale of their objects, because the main income comes from events. This writes The Telegraph.

According to experts, in the summer of 2020, the owners of the castles will miss from 40 to 80 percent of their revenue. “We must admit the obvious: the year 2020 will remain a blank spot in the history of celebrations. Individuals cancel or transfer your party for 2021. Companies are cutting their budgets and activities, the first expense that is cut,” he told the newspaper Le Parisien, the representative of the industry.

At the end of 2019 in the exhibition there were about 1.5 thousand castles. Prices on lots were falling even before the pandemic, and a new crisis, analysts say, will only worsen the situation, forcing many owners to sell the locks at the lowest price.

Earlier in France a couple of Americans decided to sell their restored castle. The reason for the installation of wind turbines in the fields, which ruined the “postcard” types.