Laysan utiasheva and Ivan Urgant.

soon show “Evening Urgant” on the First channel will go on summer vacation, so yesterday evening, the programme team introduced one of the last in the past season releases. Came to the Studio, the athlete and TV presenter Laysan utiasheva, which a few days ago celebrated its 35th anniversary. In honor of the birthday of the champion of her husband Paul Will wrote a poetic greeting, which was published at himself on instagram. Gifts for your spouse, children and many other things, Rosie talked with Ivan Urgant.

Laysan utiasheva and Ivan Urgant

Anchorman asked if she gives Paul something else other than poetry?
Pasha is a gift in itself. And of course, all sorts of surprises there, but let’s keep this between us replied Rosie.

Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva

Videos from instagram Paul Will

She and Paul have been married for almost eight years and they have two children, seven year old Robert and five-year Sofia. Talking with Ivan about the older child, Rosie admitted that during his forced house arrest and isolation in a pandemic, the son fell in love with wedding contests.

When Robert was seven years old, may 14, we all were closed at home. And Pasha thought for a long time, what you can think of within the home. He remembered different funny competitions, which were conducted at weddings. And Robert fell in love with two of the contest: to get linked with a ballpoint pen in the neck of the bottle. And the second to get the mouth wash tangerines. And he really enjoyed the competition, when the mother and father together should burst the balloon. It looked hilarious, but we did it quickly. And now Rob asks almost every weekend there are competitions… And the bride we already have. He really likes girls, every day is different, but like you,— said utiasheva.

Ivan asked, not advised if son in this personal matter with her parents and decided to tell a little about yourself. br>I also Have older daughter. We carefully coordinated her boyfriend. Agreed. I picked it out myself,— said TV presenter.

19-year-old stepdaughter Ivan Urgant living and studying in the US, where she has a boyfriend and Moses, pictures with which it from time to time publish instagram.

Laysan utiasheva in the TV show “Evening Urgant”