Polish scientists have discovered a mysterious ditches the age of about 7 thousand years, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” with reference to the publication Nauka w Polsce.

Initially, the researchers Mateusz Jerzy Sosnowski and the monk found the outlines of objects at a distance of 5 km from each other, during the analysis of data from Google Maps and Google Earth.

In 2020, they conducted fieldwork and found that each of the objects is a construction of three large oval pits. The ditches form a single image, well visible from the height of bird flight. The age of the building is about 7 thousand years.

The width of the trenches is three feet, and a depth of two meters. The ditches have a common centre, and they are not looped, from two opposite sides they have a gap.

“It was a huge investment for such remote times, about 7000 years ago. They require the efforts of dozens of people. For digging were probably used tools made of bone or horn,” suggests Mateusz Sosnowski.

Similar concentric structures were previously found in Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany. In Poland this is the first such find.

Now scientists are wondering on the purpose of the ditches. According to the generally accepted version, it was places of worship, but a clear understanding of their use of the specialists there.

Scientists have found that both you and the object are not only of identical form but of the same dimensions. The diameter of the largest ring is about 85 meters. At the bottom of the ditches were found the remains of charcoal, which prompted scientists to the idea that near objects once stood a wooden building, later burned.

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