Sama El Masry

an Egyptian court sentenced 42-year-old belly dancer Samu El-Masri, arrested in the spring, to three years imprisonment and fined 300 thousand Egyptian pounds (about 18.5 thousands of dollars) for the propaganda of immorality in social networks.

In the course of the proceedings, the court studied the video and photos that dancer published on their pages in social networks, including TikTok. It is reported that the woman denied the allegations and said that videos and photos were stolen from her phone. But in the end the court came to the conclusion that her fault in the promotion of immoral and amoral behavior is proven, according to Reuters.

Sama El MasryThere is a huge difference between freedom and debauchery, — said member of Parliament John Talaat, addressed in court with the claim against El-Masri.

His claim was the same with other female bloggers, whose activities in social networks, according to the Prosecutor, violates the conservative social norms and the laws of Egypt. They, like El-Masri, threaten real terms for the charges of promotion of prostitution and debauchery in social networks.