In Egypt destroyed seven of the terrorists preparing attacks on Easter

CAIRO, April 15 – RIA Novosti. Egyptian security forces killed in Cairo seven terrorists preparing attacks in the upcoming Christian holidays, reported the interior Ministry.

during the assault on the apartment, which was sheltering a terrorist cell in one of the most densely populated areas of Cairo, according to the statement, killed the Colonel of the Department of national security Affairs of Egypt Mohammed al-Hufi. Another police officer was wounded.

According to security officials, the terrorists “professing the following views were preparing terrorist attacks in the upcoming Christian holidays”.

In the apartment after the assault, the officers found six guns and ammunition.

on Tuesday evening, the media reported that the police for several hours led a gunfight with a terrorist group entrenched in the multi-storey building in one of the districts of Cairo, Amir.

Egyptian Coptic Christians celebrate Easter on April 19.