A motorcyclist died on Thursday morning after a serious traffic accident in Düsseldorf-Bilk. He had to avoid a driver who had apparently turned illegally. The driver probably got out, but then drove on because she had to go to work.

After his evasive maneuver on the street Auf’m Hennekamp, ​​the motorcyclist fell despite trying to brake and crashed into a tree protection bar. The 60-year-old had to avoid a driver who is said to have turned on the street contrary to traffic. The biker succumbed to his injuries in hospital shortly afterwards.

“Witnesses said the suspected woman stopped, went to the injured person, looked at him and then drove on,” said a police spokesman for the “Rheinische Post”. The woman also took a photo of the situation, the newspaper reports. Then she said she had to go to work. According to the first statements, she should not have dialed an emergency number or called for help. That’s what the witnesses did. You will now be heard, including the accident driver.

The suspected driver was found at her place of work. This was mainly due to the witnesses who were able to remember the woman’s license plate number. The police seized the woman’s driver’s license and vehicle. The victim is now being autopsied. The cause of death determined from this should bring more clarity to the case.

The suspect faces a prison sentence of up to three years for the hit and run. If the offense of failure to provide assistance or even negligent homicide is added, the traffic offense can also become a crime that can be punished with even longer prison sentences.

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