From June 15, all the accommodation facilities of the Republic of Crimea after an interval of 2.5 months, is associated with a pandemic coronavirus, opened its doors to tourists. In the first stage, as tourists they will take local residents registered on the territory of Kazakhstan and Sevastopol. When you check into hotels they will have to produce a certificate about the study on coronavirus.

In the next phase, from July 1, funds will begin to accept tourists from Russia.

granted the reservation for residents of other regions, and from July 1, and Seating for all Russians, – said the Minister of resorts and tourism of the Republic of Vadim Volchenko. – Hoteliers, owners of resorts and hotels stress the importance of a phased launch, because they need a period to get me going. From 1 July all will be ready and the Russians to rest in the Crimea, where already warming up the sea and established a wonderful weather.

to Monitor compliance with hoteliers recommendations of the CPS will be ad hoc working groups with representatives from municipalities and relevant departments.

– I think any caring krymchanin, if you see that something somewhere is going wrong, should call the hotline Minkurortov and report it. It is important to correct, to prevent trouble, – says Vadim Volchenko.

Also since June 15 with the requirements of the CPS opens museums and cave complexes of the Peninsula, which will serve only small groups of tourists – not more than 5-10 people.

But the Crimean beaches will officially take a rest July 1. According to the Vice-permier of the Council of Ministers of Kazakhstan – Minister of Finance Irina Kiviko, it is planned to open 440 beaches, which extended the passports of readiness 2019. However, they will need to make the necessary laboratory tests and to examine the bottom with the assistance of divers MOE. Users of 207 beaches have already asked for expert opinions on compliance with sanitary rules, carried out a diving inspection of the bottom 355 of the beaches.