prices for the rest of the Russians in the Crimea grew on average by 10-15 percent compared to last year. About this TASS said the Chairman of the Committee on tourism, resorts and sports of the state Council of the Republic Alexey Chernyak.

He denied that the cost of living in hotels has doubled. “Why not 1000, or 10,000 percent?” politician said, adding that in the hotel business traditionally raise prices for last remaining rooms.

Cherniak noted that now on the Peninsula travel including tourists who because of the epidemic of the coronavirus moved the holiday from spring to summer. According to him, these people have won on a three month simple. “You know, in April, pricing a little, but July and August are high, but the objects give the rooms at the expense of those debts that have accumulated,” he explained.

Previously, the tour operators explained the growth of prices for accommodation for travelers in the hotels of Crimea. The role played by the large flow of citizens, who this summer are unable to move to other countries. This caused great excitement on the trip to the Russian resorts. Many of the hotels on the Peninsula are already booked for all of July. The part of property owners by increasing the cost of attempting to compensate additional costs due to the requirements of the CPS. Also, there was information that in some places prices rose by 100 percent.