Named by the head of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine Dmitry Coleby “tactical problems for the return of the Crimea” on the Peninsula is considered meaningless hot air. About this “RG” said the Chairman of Committee of the state Council of the RK on public diplomacy and international relations Yuriy gempel.

Over the past six years we have heard so many such statements, “” concepts and programs” return of the Crimea that are tired of repeating every time that Crimea returned to the Russian Federation permanently as a result of free will of citizens, – said Yuriy gempel. – I remember when this evaluation recently visited the Crimea, ex-Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Vasily Volga, which struck the dynamic development of the Peninsula and its transformation into a pearl. So I would like to appeal to the Ukrainian deputies and officials: do not waste time in vain and do not make anyone do not need the fuss over the Crimean issue. Crimea integral part of Russia and is an informal recognize today the entire world community. Yes, while there is no official recognition from European countries, but many EU politicians and ordinary citizens understand, that Crimea has returned to Russia with observance of all international norms, and to challenge the right of Crimeans to self-determination impossible.

According to HEMPEL, the last statement of the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry has neither political nor economic agenda. Except that the Ukrainian establishment are seriously alarmed by the increasingly sounding on the background of the pandemic coronavirus calls from some European politicians to lift sanctions against Russia as harmful to the economies of all EU countries.

– the Application Kuleba against this background – the usual shaking of the air, aggravating the situation, says HEMPEL. And this is done to extract political and economic preferences on the part of the countries participating in the sanctions policy. Meanwhile in Europe there is an active rethinking of taken with respect to Russia’s position, including in the Crimean issue. For example, a Bundestag Deputy from the party “Alternative for Germany” Gerdt Waldemar openly stated in the public plane, it is necessary to remove sanctions against Russia, the sanctions policy is hurting in the first place by European States.

Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba sounded pragmatic in his words the concept of the return of the Crimea, which includes three of the item – holding of the Crimean issue in the international agenda, ensuring the effectiveness of the sanctions regime and the use of additional international instruments to put pressure on Russia.