Thieves stole a truck with a beer in Colombia’s capital Bogota, police found the criminals when they had finished the first box, informed the police of the country.

"the truck Driver is in hospital. The criminals sprayed in his direction substance, because of which he lost consciousness. His condition is stable," – the police reports on Twitter.

A trailer found by GPS. Criminals pulled out a beer and put it next to a small warehouse.

"We found them drinking beer. We caught only one of the three (criminals), the two managed to escape, but we have data about their personalities", – said police spokesman Colonel Nelson quiƱones, the TV channel Noticias Caracol.

According to media reports, the thieves managed at the time of detection to drink 23 bottles. In total, according to police, the stolen beer is estimated at 80 million pesos (almost 21 thousand dollars).