In Colombia began to experience a robotic food delivery

In Colombia local mobile service delivery food from restaurants has begun testing a robotic delivery on the background of the pandemic coronavirus. The pilot project started in Medellin, involves 15 robots that perform 120 orders per day.

Robots American companies KiwiBots capacity 42 litres non-cash working from orders, they are also necessary disinfected before and after each send, reports RIA Novosti, citing local newspaper Tiempo.

With the help of robots, the companies intend to avoid unnecessary contact with people and reduce the rate of spread of the virus. Pilot program a robotic food delivery will last in Medellin until July, after which the service can be implemented in other cities of the country.

Previously, the government of Colombia announced that all stadiums, concert venues and bars located throughout the country, will be closed for one and a half years. The decision was taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus.