In China told how the army helped defeat COVID 19

MOSCOW, 22 APR – RIA Novosti. The people’s liberation army (PLA) has made an important contribution to overcoming the epidemic of coronavirus in the country, to help the sick were sent to more than 10 thousand military doctors and 200 thousand militia, said the attaché of defense at the Embassy of the PRC in the Russian Federation major General Kui Anyway.

He prepared an article for the magazine “national defense”, April issue which will be released in the coming days.

He said that since the beginning of the epidemic 63 military hospital was immediately transformed into a hospital intended for the reception of cases of pneumonia caused COVID-19 was created about 3 thousand new hospital beds, and more than 10 thousand military health workers were sent for medical assisting …

“Four military hospital Central military command in Hubei province have become key hospitals for the treatment of patients with pneumonia caused COVID-19” – said the officer.

According to him, all 28 provincial military sub-district (garrison) daily sent about 200 thousand militia to assist local authorities in fulfilling tasks such as managing staff, coming from other regions, street disinfection, delivery of food and promotion of epidemic prevention.