a Record 10.7 million pupils participated in uniform state examination in China. To stand the test it is necessary that after to go to College. Compared to last year the number of applicants is increased by 400 thousand, according to China Central television.

“For the exam see 945 thousand teachers and inspectors. For the first time in 17 years, due to the coronavirus, the date of the exam moved a month later. In 2003, the schedule was changed due to the outbreak of SARS in Beijing” – with a link to the source TASS.

the State exam consists of three compulsory subjects (Chinese and foreign language, mathematics), and also includes elective courses. Is conducted in the format of a written test (except foreign language).

the Previous historic record on a mass test of knowledge was set in 2008, when applications for participation in examination filed 10.5 million Chinese schoolchildren.