In China, archaeologists found the ancient remains of the victims of the ritual, which was beheaded and left to kneel on the bottom of the pit. It is reported by Live Science, citing Chinese news Agency Xinhua Net.

Kneeling skeleton was discovered at the site in Henan province in Central China. Scientists estimate that the deceased was sacrificed during the late Shang dynasty (1600 BC to 1046 BC). The skeleton was put face to the North, and his arms were crossed in front and fastened together. Archaeological discoveries made earlier, talking about the fact that ritual human sacrifice was common in China during the Shang dynasty. More than 13 000 people were sacrificed in the city Insull, the capital of the Shan state in over 200 years. Sometimes dozens of people at the same time been victims of ritual killings.

In this age of the features associated with human sacrifice, recorded in the so-called “Oracle bones”. These flat pieces of animal bone or shell of turtles are the earliest sample of writing in China. The prophets cut their questions on “Oracle bones” and heated them until the bones were not split. After the diviners interpreted the pattern of cracks, to get answers to their questions. One of these artifacts describes method of placement of people and animals in a pit in an upright position to prepare for the sacrifice. Although most of the remains of sacrifice in China were found in a horizontal position, the new findings are forcing scientists to assume that position on my knees at the burial was more common in ancient China than previously thought.

Previously, archaeologists have discovered in Peru the largest in the history of child sacrifice.