In Chechnya because of non-observance of sanitary norms closed sports halls. After check of the Ministry of sports in some of them was revealed the dirt and ignoring basic hygiene standards, announced on 30 July, the press service of the sports Department.

Complaints of failure to comply with the sanitary requirements asked the Minister of sport, visitors gyms and users of social networks. In response, the Ministry of sports organized a check in several gyms of the city of Grozny with representatives of Rospotrebnadzor, Ministry of interior in Grozny, MCHS RF po CHR.

After inspection was prescribed to all owners of gyms in a three-week period to correct the situation.

“However, in some halls, nothing has changed. One of them was today the working group is closed — until then, until you resolve violations of sanitary norms”, — is spoken in the press service of the Ministry.

All owners of fitness clubs once again drawn attention to the mandatory mask mode, and the necessity for regular disinfection of premises and social distancing.