MOSCOW, may 2 — RIA Novosti. Authorities in Encinitas, California, are investigating the information about the aggressive shark, after the collision, which injured the surfer, according to KOLD.13 News.

the Beaches in California was opened on Monday (currently closed due to the influx of tourists — Approx. ed.) and many went swimming.

Jack Shannon, who was on the beach when the incident occurred, said rescuers have warned of the dangers of a predator.

the Athlete, who was attacked, said that when he noticed the shark, the distance between him and the fish was about 2.5 meters. Shark wounded surfer. He was taken to the hospital. Rescuers reported that his injury was minor, it’s not the bite.

the Surfer admitted that he had acted aggressive and maybe hit the shark with his foot.

According to biologist Heidi Dewar, it is possible that a fish could mistake it for a seal. From tide water on the coast is quite murky. The shark was probably trying to understand what she sees in front of him.