MOSCOW, 28 APR – RIA Novosti. The Federal Supreme court of Brazil decided to initiate an investigation regarding the allegations of the former Minister of justice sérgio Moro against the President Zaira Bolsonaro, according to the portal Globo.

According to the court, to investigate the allocated 60 days.

last week, the Minister of justice of Brazil Sergio Moro said that he had resigned because of disagreements with the President around the change of leadership in the Federal police and accused Bolsonaro meddling in the activities of the agencies responsible for investigation of corruption scandals. Shortly thereafter, the Prosecutor General’s office of Brazil asked the Federal Supreme court to investigate allegations of Moreau in relation to Bolsonaro. It was reported that if the Federal court of justice decides to initiate an investigation, the attorney General can file a formal complaint.

In turn Bolsonaro after allegations stated that he never tried to protect your family members with the help of the Federal police.

Moru is one of the most popular Ministers in Brazil, he earned his political reputation even as a judge in the anti-corruption operation Lava Jato (“car Wash”). Care Moro from the government occurred a week after President Bolsonaro sent in resignation of the Minister of health Enrique Mandetta against the background of differences in the methods of combating coronavirus. Bolsonaro.