The writer Mariana Vieira periodically forgot about her Amazon Kindle tablet, left it unattended. As a result, curious ants settled in it. Insects “figured out” how the gadget works and purchased books about futurism and philosophy in the online store. This is reported by the Globo portal.

After a while, Vieira wished to use the tablet’s capabilities again, but could not. The device did not turn on, despite the fact that it was plugged into an outlet. She tried to find out the reason for this and found a whole ant nest in the Kindle.

The surprises from the insects did not end there. The e-mail of the writer received messages about the purchase of the books “Robots and Empire” by Isaac Asimov and “The Ring of Gyges: an Ethical Fantasy” by Eduardo Giannetti.

The owner canceled the purchases, but explained that she would read the printed versions.

She also said that no matter how she tried to fight the ants, she could not cope with them. She turned to her friend Fabian Guimaraes for help. The girl’s post in the networks gained 75 thousand likes. In the comments, users noted that they also often encountered this problem.