the leadership of the Berlin underground station renamed “Street of the Moors” because of the discriminatory nature of its name. Soon she will give the name of a famous Russian composer Mikhail Glinka, which is named in honor passing close to station street.

As explained in the BVG company responsible for public transport in the German capital, this decision was made “out of respect to controversial disputes around the name of the street of the Moors”, which actually gave the name of the metro station. And these disputes are long overdue, said the publication Bild. The administration of the Central city area of Berlin are even considering working to rename along with the station and the street named, presumably, because once lived around blacks.

especially now that most of the time considering that fashion against “monuments to racism” originated in the United States, and came to Germany. The same station “Street of the Moors” in the past month unknown arbitrarily renamed “the Street of George Floyd” – in honor of slain police African American. A sign with the new name hung directly over the old one.

In the BVG noted that the process of renaming of the station could take weeks, but promised that by the end of the year everything will be ready.