In Berlin, a man was stabbed in a gym at night. He was badly injured. The victim is probably a member of a well-known extended family clan. The police can arrest a suspect – who is cooperative.

After a man was stabbed in a gym in Berlin on Wednesday night, the police arrested a suspect, according to “Bild”. According to a newspaper report, the victim is said to be a member of the Remmo clan.

The police initially did not want to confirm this when asked by FOCUS Online, citing data protection reasons. The investigation is still ongoing, a police spokesman said.

The suspect, a 38-year-old, was released after investigation by the police. He is said to have shown himself to be cooperative, confessed to the crime and even handed over the murder weapon. According to “Bild”, he also belongs to a large family.

As is the victim. This is said to be the son of clan chief Issa Remmo, Ismail Remmo. He was taken to a hospital with serious injuries. Ismail Remmo was tried on murder charges in 2019 but was acquitted. The Remmo clan is associated with many crimes, including the gold coin theft in the Bode Museum and the spectacular burglary in the Green Vault in Dresden. The clan has around 1000 members. The motive for the crime could have been revenge, according to “Bild.”

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