Ten police officers were injured in riots on the streets of Belgrade, caused by dissatisfaction with new restrictive measures, imposed by the Serbian government due to the spread of coronavirus infection, said the interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic.

Group of protesters unhappy with the current epidemiological situation in the country and the actions of the authorities, are scattered in many small streets of Belgrade, near the Parliament house, which previously passed the main speech, and near the Republic square.

According to the Minister, the protest was not associated with measures against the coronavirus, but "an attempt to seize power without elections and the support of the people".

"During the riots injured 10 police officers and one broken both legs. This injuries he received when he was pushed and pushed down the stairs" – said Stefanovich on a night briefing at the interior Ministry.

He expressed outrage at the violence towards the police and satisfaction with the patience of the police.

The Minister said that the organizers of this violence will not be stronger than the state and stressed that law enforcement authorities have established full control over the city.

Rally in front of the national Assembly (Parliament) began on Wednesday afternoon and initially was peaceful in nature.