In Austria the number of victims of coronavirus has reached 470 people

VIENNA, April 20 – RIA Novosti. The number of victims of coronavirus in Austria increased to 470, just contracted 14.7 thousand, has informed on Monday the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Republic.

on Saturday it was reported 452 victims.

According to the latest data, the country has infected 14 749 people (46 per day), 10 631 recovered (+130 per day). Hospitalized 805, 194 of them in intensive care.

Austria April 14, the beginning steps to abolish the restrictive measures imposed to combat coronavirus. First resumed the operation of small shops with an area of 400 square meters, as well as all building and garden, while “pioneers” are obliged to control the number of visitors and to ensure that they wore masks and kept their distance.

Restrictions on out-of-home continue until may 1. If all goes according to plan, from may 1 will open all the other shops, shopping centres and hairdressers. Work hotels and restaurants in the Republic are set to resume until mid-may, and major public events will remain banned at least until the end of August.

After the announcement of the timing of the return to normal life, the Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz warned that, if necessary, in the case of the deterioration of the situation, the government can “break stop-the crane”.

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