In Austria, noted the 75th anniversary of the uprising in the concentration camp Mauthausen

In Austria, noted the 75th anniversary of the mass uprising in the concentration camp Mauthausen.

the participants of the funeral ceremony laid wreaths. Remember the legendary escape of Soviet POWs, the largest in the history of the Second world war, reports “Russia 24”.

More than four hundred prisoners tried to escape on the night of 3 February. Almost all of them were caught and brutally murdered. To be saved then managed only nine people.

“the most important thing is to submit factual information, relevant historical facts about the difficult time, particularly for our multinational Soviet people, about the decisive contribution of the red army and our country in the liberation of Europe from fascism. This is especially important for the younger generation, for young people.
unlike several other European countries, where history is rewritten, Austria could be an example for other European countries in the question of how to relate to memory, and preserve it for younger generations,” — said counselor of the Embassy of Russia in Austria Oleg Markov.